Home Festivals 10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

Here are 10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali this season. Diwali, a colorful & delightful festival, is arriving. Diwali is widely celebrated festival in India. People clean up their houses. Diwali calls for beautiful decorations. Diwali is the time to prepare the house for festival. Everyone wants to make their house more colorful and bright. Every member of the family gets more excited for Diwali decorations. Diwali is the time to to sprucing up the house beautifully.

People use different type of articles to decorate their houses. Traditional Diyas, lights , electrical lamps etc. are used to lighten up the houses. People also decorate the house with new curtains, bed sheets, floor mats, carpets and many more other things. The Decor planning has to be well planned so that house good look more beautiful without many efforts.

There is a variety of ways through which you can decorate your home during Diwali. You can choose flowers, pots, sofa, table sets, and wall paintings at reasonable price. We have compiled some of beautiful Home Decor ideas/items for Diwali decoration for your inspiration. We hope these home decor ideas can help you for your home decoration.

Let’s have a look on these beautiful and effortless Home decor ideas for Diwali…

Light up with colorful Diya’s

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!
Multicolour Diya’s

Diya’s are traditional item for Diwali decoration. You can make your Diyas special by painted it with different bright colours. Colors lighten up more brightly so the colorful Diya’s look graceful and pretty enough to lighten up your house.

String lights with colorful curtains

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

This looks really pretty to make your home beautiful for Diwali. String lights behind the curtains can transform your house into a fairy land. Colorful curtains look more bright and beautiful with the light of string lights. You can either match the curtains with string lights or can contrast the curtains with string lights.

Floating candles

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

Floating candles are staple for Diwali decoration. Choose a beautiful glass utensil and place some flowers and floating candles alternatively in it. You can use roses, marigold, Jasmine flowers for floating candles. It looks bright on your centre table of the house. You can choose either plain candles or designer floating candles.

Fairy lights in round balls

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

Fairy lights are very common to decorate your house. This can be used inside the house or outside the house. You can use the fairy lights to decorate your pooja room also. It looks amazing and beautiful. It looks beautiful mostly in golden color.

Colorful bed sheets

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

Beautiful colorful bed sheets are an important part of Diwali decoration. Most of the people used to buy new bed sheets on Diwali. So choose some of the bright colorful bed-sheets to lighten up your rooms for Diwali decorations. These colorful bed sheets make your bedroom more graceful.

Flower Toran

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

This fresh flower toran ideas can grow up your Diwali decorations. These wall hangings are auspicious elements for the festive season. You can also create your own flower toran. You can choose various type of flowers according to your choice. Add some of the hangings for small bells in this Toran. It looks beautiful.

Designer cushion covers

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!
Cushion Covers

Cushion covers make your living room more brightful. These are the Jaipuri type of cushion covers. You can choose any type of cushion covers to decorate your house. These bright colorful cushion covers are perfect to brighten up your living room on Diwali.

Table decors

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

You can invest in table runners for Diwali decorations. You can add candles, flowers, brass utensils, glass pots and other decorative runners to lighten up your table. Candles in glass jars and brass container pot are looking awesome.

Beautiful rangoli

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

Rangoli is created with different shades of colors or flowers. Diwali is incomplete without rangoli. Make beautiful designs and patterns of Rangoli using different colors. You can also decorate rangoli with designer Diyas and candles.

Roof hanging

10 Easy Home Decor ideas for Diwali!

Roof hanging is a beautiful idea for Diwali decorations. Colorful paper lanterns are used as roof hangings. This looks colorful and bright for Diwali decorations. There is easy and cheap to buy. These are available in amazing patterns and colors.

We hope you will surely like our Home Decor ideas of Diwali decorations. Stay connected for more updates…


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