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10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

No matter how much you’re into the western fashion and culture, a desi girl will never give up the urge to wear a saree! Whether you want to wear it for a wedding, a family function, a festival, to work, or for a casual outing – a saree is perfect for all occasions. And the best part is – there are countless ways to drape and style a saree.

Today, we are looking at the 10 stunning saree looks you need to copy, right away! So, let’s have an eye at these saree looks:

The Classic Modern Saree Look

saree looks
Stylish Saree Looks

If you have all the classic and party wear sarees in your wardrobe and you need to rush to an event, it is easiest to put on your blouse, drape the saree the simple way, pair some jewelry and go. The classy and elegant look never has a room for any misses as you can never go wrong with the classy desi-girl flaunting her curves in a strappy blouse and chic saree.

Put on your favorite watch and you’re ready for all kinds of events whether it’s a formal one or a traditional wedding!

Saree with a Top

10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

If you’re someone who loves to follow sustainable fashion rules, using your top as a saree blouse might be an exciting idea. We are constantly trying to create a wardrobe that serves us well by creating multiple looks with a single piece of clothing. So, start by trying your favorite top as a saree blouse for a casual saree look.

This idea will not only make your saree look ultra modern and chic but will also save you tons of money! This way, you can switch your top and your saree will look new every time. So, no more sticking to one blouse for the rest of your saree’s life! Mix and match and create the best saree looks you love.

Saree with a Shirt

10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

When we are trying tops as blouses, why should shirts be left behind! After all, shirts have the right structure and coverage to be worn as a comfortable saree blouse. Look at Sonam in the picture here. Just like any other time, she has slayed this modern saree look by pairing her saree with a matching shirt.

If this look is tingling something inside your stomach, don’t hesitate to try it! 

Crazy Sleeves

It is not the first time that stylish sleeves are in trend. We have seen them for decades and now they are making a way in the world of Indian ethnic fashion too. As seen in the picture, Heena Khan is flaunting her style in the bulky sleeved blouse and the pretty green saree. The sequined sleeves add to the details of her look, making her ready to slay any event she wants to go to.

You can also experiment with the sleeves of your blouse if your saree is plain and simple. But avoid wearing too much jewelry with such bulky sleeves and keep it simple. This is one of the best Saree looks.

All Sequined

10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

When the party is special, it is the best idea to get the glitter on and there is no better way of doing it than sequins.

Sequined sarees are the best thing to wear during a night party. Be it a wedding or a cocktail party – sequins are always classy and elegant. Just note that your sequined saree shouldn’t be too fluffy. So, choose a fabric that can easily be draped around your body, helping you flaunt your curves and look elegant at the same time.

Strapless Blouse

10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

Sarees are the perfect excuse to show some shoulder and wear your strapless blouse. It is because if you get uncomfortable showing your shoulders, you can drape your saree and still be elegant, chic, and stylish.

To balance the skin show a little, wear a heavy necklace or earrings and you are ready to make heads turn.


10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

Low-waisted sarees might seem like old news but they are still very in! In fact, many women love to wear the sarees a little lower on the waist to make it look more stylish and sexy. So, if you’re about that look, go for the low waist saree and have fun creating a look you want. For a low-waist saree looks, you can go for a blingy saree for a family function.

Layer it Up

10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

If you are of the opinion that sarees can only be worn during the summer season – look at Karisma here and think again. Isn’t it the best way to wear a saree when it gets chillier out there?

Well, go hunt your wardrobe down for your favorite ethnic jacket and pair it up with your saree. This look is the best for winter weddings or winter-time functions. Plus, it can easily be worn in a formal setting so calling all working women – here is your cue!

Keep it Casual

10 Stunning Saree Looks You Need to Copy Right Away!

A casual saree with a denim jacket? Why not? Have a look at this super-stylish way to pull off a casual saree. Nothing says casual and stylish like a good-old denim jacket and we are all in for this look!

To give it an even better casual twist, you can pair your saree with sneakers. Keep on experimenting till you achieve the perfect casual look.

So, these were some amazing saree looks to try!

We hope you loved all the inspirations and would try them whenever you get a chance. This one was for all the saree lovers out there. Whatever look you choose, don’t forget to rock it!


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