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5 Beautiful Neck Designs for Kurtis!

When you’re into stitching, there is a long way to go to master the art of working with Neck Designs, fabrics, threads, beads, bookram, and whatnot. If you’re on your journey to learn stitching, Reet Designs is here to help you. With our latest neck designs for Kurtis ideas and tutorials, we are here to help you explore a twisted yet beautiful side of stitching. Though it requires your patience, skills, and a will to learn, please know that it will all be worth it!

So, brace yourself, get your stitching supplies ready and let’s dive into these Neck designs:

Bow-Style Details with Pearls

neck designs for kurtis
Neck Designs for Kurtis

This is one of the neatest designs you can achieve and it looks really pretty on a suit or kurti. We tried this design with a very pretty light yellow-colored crepe fabric. As we mentioned above, you need two different sizes of necklines to be cut out of a bookram and then add the little pieces of clothes (patti) in between both the necklines. At the end, using thread and needle, you can stitch the pattis and make them look like little bows along with adding the pearls. We have used white pearls here but you can use any color as it suits your design.

To learn this design in detail, check out our YouTube tutorial: https://youtu.be/huSFEBM6iRg

  • Unique Patti and Pearl Detail Neckline
5 Beautiful Neck Designs for Kurtis!

The technique of making this design is similar to the fifth one we discussed below but instead of the dori, we have small fabric pattis arranged in a beautiful pattern. Follow the same rule as above and stitch the pattis in the overlapping pattern shown in the image as you sew them with the necklines above and below. Just remember to pay attention to small  details like overlapping in the same direction, stitching closer to the ends for a neat look, etc. Once you’re done with the stitching part, add the pearl details and your design is ready!

This design looks amazing on suits of all kinds, saree blouses, kurtis, and whatnot.

The complete tutorial for stitching and creating this design can be found here: https://youtu.be/IjB73KslK8I

  • Criss-Cross Dori Design
5 Beautiful Neck Designs for Kurtis!
Beautiful Neck Design

If you need a neckline design with some skin show underneath, this is the best way to do it. Again, we used a dori here but not small doris. We used two doris of an apt length that went criss-cross through our basic design.

Now, as you can see in the images, we used the same method of two bookram necklines and attached one to the kurti’s fabric. Small loops were added to both the layers of the neckline, facing towards the inside. Through these loops, we passed the doris and then secured with the sewing and stitching. The results can be seen on the mannequin. Just imagine how good it will look on your kurti or suit!

For the complete tutorial on how to create this neckline, visit the link here: https://youtu.be/1dqGhU5a4fg

  • Dori Loops Design
5 Beautiful Neck Designs for Kurtis!

We did round neck, we did square neck! Now it’s time for the V-neck. This design is very similar to the one we just discussed above. The only different things are – the shape of the neckline and the design of the dori.

Here, the dori needs to be added and sewn in a way that it forms some neat-looking loops. These loops are again the best way to show some skin, making this design quite trendy and stylish. You can try this neckline on suits, blouses, kurtas, kurtis, etc.

Learn to stitch the whole design here: https://youtu.be/lz7VBMtm0Rg

  • Dori and Pearl Details on Square Neckline
5 Beautiful Neck Designs for Kurtis!

Tired of the old-school round-neck designs? Well, bring the change in your style with this square neckline. Based on the same principles as the above design, we have used dori instead of patti to create a beautiful design. Once you’re done sewing the lower part of the neckline, add the small dories on a fabric and twist and sew as you go with the stitching. To complete the look, add the upper layer of bookram-pasted neckline and there you have this perfect neckline design.

For the pearl detail, you can either stitch or paste the pearls of your choice. Don’t forget to be creative with the designs!

For the complete tutorial, tune into the video here: https://youtu.be/t0UhgHFz2mU

This was all about the recent experiments we did with some amazing Neck Designs.

It is so much fun to stitch newer designs and keep on exploring ways to enjoy stitching. So, bring out your fabrics, sewing machines and everything else and start creating your own neck designs. Let us know if you try any of these.

Leave your comments on our YouTube tutorials because we would love to hear from you guys!


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