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5 New Stylish Collar Neck Design ideas!

Collar neck design is the best way to take a break from the regular neck designs of your suits and kurtis. So, if you want to get a new outfit and are looking for some collar neck designs, you have landed on the right page.

We did some research and stumbled upon some beautiful collar neck design you can take inspiration from. So, let’s look into these Neck Designs and see how you can rock them: 

  • Halfway Frilled Collar
collar neck design
Collar Neck Design

Think of a v-neck with buttons. Now add a frilled collar to the half of it. As seen in the picture above, this is a very stylish and chic neck collar design idea you can try. It not only adds the extra detail and structure to your neckline but also makes your outfit standout from the rest of the plain neck designs.

So, if you are on a mission to experiment with neck designs, this one is a simple and elegant option to start!

  • Collar with a Cutout
5 New Stylish Collar Neck Design ideas!

Most of us don’t like the way collars feel, especially when buttoned up to the very top button. Some find it a bit unflattering and others might not feel very stylish with a simple and plain collar. Now, if you are one of these people but still want to experiment with collar necklines, here is some inspiration for you. Get a normal collared neck and get a neckline made right below it. It can be a v-neck, oval neck, or a round one – the choice is yours.

This neck design allows you to show some skin and look super stylish even with your formal wear. So, next time you want to get an outfit made and need some collar neck design inspiration, go for this one and you will not regret it.

  • Mandarin Collar
5 New Stylish Collar Neck Design ideas!

If you need a design for an entirely formal outfit, mandarin collar is the best bet. It is super elegant, provides the cover you seek, and still makes you look stylish and elegant.

A simple mandarin collar with buttoned placket goes a long way as it is a very timeless design. So, to get a kurta, kurti or suit that you can wear years later – go for a mandarin collar neck design.

  • Lapel Collar
5 New Stylish Collar Neck Design ideas!

Lapel collars were only seen on coats and blazers before but recently, they made their way to tops, shirts, and even ethnic wear.

So, for some collar neckline inspiration for your next tailored outfit like a suit, kurta, or even a saree blouse – go for a lapel collar design. It adds that indo-western touch to your outfit and is best for formal outfits. You can get some bookram added for extra stiffness or go for just the fabric – the choice is yours.

  • Embellished Collar
5 New Stylish Collar Neck Design ideas!

Embellished collars are not a new thing on the trend list but trying these on ethnic outfits might be new. You can get a simple collar made and get some embellishments added to it. You can either choose pearls, stones, rhinestones, or metallic details – the choice is yours.

This design will instantly add the extra finesse and bling to your outfit – making it party-ready! The best part about this design is that you can bring some embellishments and get it done on your own. So, if you have an old outfit with a plain collar – you can make it embellished on your own.

So, these were some stylish collar neck design ideas that you can take inspiration from. Along with making you look stylish and chic, these designs will help you take a breath of fresh air and try something new. So, go get them designed, and experiment with your style!

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