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5 Popular Neck Designs for Kurti!!

In this Article we will talk about some Popular Neck Designs for Kurti. If you ask us about the best Indian enthic-wear item that is timeless and evergreen, we will surely say its a kurti! With kurtis in your wardrobe, you can never go wrong about your casual style. There are endless ways of styling a kurti like with a salwar, palazzos, sharara, and even a pair of denims.

So, if you have been collecting kurti’s in your wardrobe with unique designs, we can’t blame you! For the love of kurtis and their evergreen looks, we did some digging-in and have compiled a list of the best neck designs for Kurti you can watch for this season. Let’s check them out:

  • Drop-shape Neck Design

Have a look at this unique Neck Designs for Kurti and you can see why we are all for it! The elegance and style it will add to your kurti is matchless. The design is easy to make and you can get it done from your tailor if you are into tailor-made clothes. You can also find this design in readymade kurtis.

The drop shape helps you show some skin without being too exposing and the loop button adds the much-needed detail to the design. So, go for this one and bring the change to your style and wardrobe.

  • Pintucks Neck Designs for Kurti

Another stylish option is that of a pintucks neckline. This one is a bit different from the regular pintucks you see on kurtis. It starts on the neckline itself and gives your neck a gathers-like look. The design is super stylish, especially for formal kurtis. There is usually a slit or loop in the middle of this neckline, joined at the top by buttons, beads, or pearls. You can look for this neckline in readymade kurtis or get one made from your tailor.

  • Overlapping V-Neck Designs

V-neck is very much in vogue. We see it everywhere – in dresses, kurtas, kurtis, blouses, and whatnot! For kurtis, the overlapping V-neckline is the new trend. As seen in pictures above, this neckline looks super stylish, giving your neck a definition and room for some layered necklaces.

The neckline design is easy to get tailored and gives an instant boost to a plain cotton kurti design. So, for your next kurti – try this one and you won’t regret it!

  • Front Slit Neck Designs for Kurti

Who would have thought that a simple front slit on a round neckline would look so chic. The longer the slit, the sexier your kurti becomes. This design is so versatile that you can try it with your regular casual kurti as well as your party-wear one. There is no denying the fact that this design adds a unique class and sustainability to your kurti’s design, making it a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

  • Gathered Closed Mandarin Collar Neck Design

For casual or formal kurtis, we have brought to you the classic mandarin collar but with a twist. This mandarin collar is a form of fabric art and is added to the kurti in gathered form, giving it a frilled look. The gathers can be in different forms, based on the fabric and details you want in your kurti. You can also choose to add the closure at the front or the back of the kurti, as per your requirement. Add a looped button and you are ready to rock this simple yet elegant design!

So, this was all about the Trendy neck designs for kurti you can try this season.

They all are evergreen designs that will help you rock your unique style for a long time. Let us know which one is your favorite!


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