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6 Best Neck Designs featuring “Reet Designs”

Neck design is the major highlighted part of suits and kurtis. Beautiful neck designs are on the trend now. Neck design change the entire appearance of your suit. Beautiful neck designs gives an extra edge to your Kameez or kurti. when you make a wonderful neck design, your suit is completed in its style. There are many different type of neck designs which you can carry on your suits. Here I am presenting some of trendy and Beautiful Neck Designs made by me. You can Subscribe my YouTube Channel “Reet Designs” for more designs and videos.

Potli buttons neck design with Lace

6 Best Neck Designs featuring "Reet Designs"

Potli neck design is traditional and different. Potli button neck design is the best neck design which give a delicate look to your suit. Potli button neck design idea is quite contemporary. You can use potli buttons in different ways to give a beautiful look to your suits. Here in a picture I have made a designer neck with potli buttons covering a round neck. Potli buttons are running down the kameez. The lace decoration is all along with the neck design. This Lace is very easy to be found in market.

Gotta lace and dori loops

6 Best Neck Designs featuring "Reet Designs"

This is a super neck design for party wear suits. If you are looking something unique for your suit, you can make this beautiful neck design on your suit. This is a kind of round neck design. Beautiful gotta Patti of silver colour is used here in diagonal shape. This neck design is made on extra fabric and then patched on the shirt. Loops are enhancing the extra look in this neck design.

Lace and Pearl beads neck design

6 Best Neck Designs featuring "Reet Designs"

This lace and pearl beads neck design looks beautiful. This is an elegant neck design for suits. It is the most trending and favourite neck design with pearls and lace. It is very easy to make. Here white lace and white pearls are used to design this neckline. The pearls have been stitched at the bit distance from each other on a kurta Patti and the white lace is all around the neck.

Kurta patti with double dori loops neck design

6 Best Neck Designs featuring "Reet Designs"

This is a round neck design with kurta Patti, buttons row and loops. Loops have been added to round neck and on arms. This is a very stylish neck design and easy to make. This can be best made on the cotton fabric. Kurta Patti is an evergreen style of neck.

V- Shape neck with dori loops and pearl

6 Best Neck Designs featuring "Reet Designs"

This neck design is most outstanding design. This pearl loop neck design is surely a major hit around yourself. By designing a V neck, you can start sewing the loops and pearl buttons from the two opposite lines of V neckline. This is a fabulous neck design on suit and kurtis.

Cutwork neck design

6 Best Neck Designs featuring "Reet Designs"

Cutwork neckline is perfect style for your casual wear kurtis and suits. Cut work is also in a big trend these days. Cut work can be done in many shapes. Here in this picture round cutwork neck design is made. It can be made with the help of buckram or pasting sheet.

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