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8 Cool and Breathy Summer outfits!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fashion – you cannot deny it! No matter how cozy winters can be, no matter how much you love layering up, summer is still the best weather to enjoy wearing your favorite Summer outfits.

summer outfits

With the floral prints, colors, breathy fabrics, skirts, shorts, and airy outfits, you can experiment a lot with your style during summer. On the same note, we have brought to you a list of the 8 cool and breathy summer outfits. So, without further ado, let’s look into these summer outfits inspirations:

  • The Basic Tee and Jeans Outfit

Let’s start with the basics! When winter is at its peak, most of us die to bring out our summer clothes and live in them for the rest of the year! That is the time when you miss your basic tee-and-jeans outfit the most!

It is one of the comfiest and easy-to-go outfits that you can put together without much effort. Just throw your favorite graphic or basic tee, pair it with your favorite jeans, and you’re good to go! Add some slippers, slip-on shoes, or sneakers, and your favorite bag. You are ready for a casual day-out!

This outfit will keep you relaxed and let your body breathe throughout the day.

  • A Tank/Camisole with Trousers

When the days get hotter, it is time to be best friends with your tank tops and camis. Now, pairing these tops with the right bottoms is the trick we need to master. Tanks with shorts might be a little too much for some girls who don’t want to show a lot of skin. So, bring out your loose-fit trousers, preferably the cotton and linen ones, and pair them with your favorite slip.

These tops are a life-saver during summer and keep it all breathable and airy as you head out. To dress it up a bit, you can add on a belt, a nice bag, and your favorite shoes. You are ready to rock your day like the boss lady you are!

  • Shorts with a blouse or t-shirt

Shorts is another name for summer. We all know how long we wait to let those legs out when the weather gets warm and wearing shorts is the favorite thing for most of us during the summer season.

If you’re in a semi-formal setting, wearing shorts with a blouse is one of the best ways to keep it airy yet presentable. In case of a casual outing, put on your trusty comfy t-shirt and you’re good to go! In both cases, the shorts will help you stay cool and keep your outfit breathable.

  • Long Skirt with a Shirt or Tee

Our skirts get the perfect recognition during the hot days and that is when you should wear them the most! Lightweight long skirts in chiffon, georgette, or cotton, etc. can be worn during hot days and you can pair them with your favorite solid shirt. You can replace the shirt with a cropped t-shirt or a tank top for a better summer vibe.

With the flowy and airy skirt, your entire outfit will be super-comfy and breathable.

  • Floral Maxi Dress

Flowy maxi dresses are the best for the summer season where you just put them on and forget about them! Be it a strappy dress or the one with sleeves, the floral pattern and lightweight fabric make it the perfect bet for the summer season.

Pair this dress with flip-flops and you are ready to hit the beach or lunch with your friends. Don’t forget to pair the dress with your favorite bag and a pair of sunnies!

These dresses let your legs and body breathe, and keep you cool and ready for the summer fun!

  • Strappy Mini Dress

A strappy mini dress is a pure bliss during the summer season! It lets your arms, legs, and thighs breathe! And forget all the sweat patches, rashes, skin rubs, and whatnot!

You can pick this dress in any pattern, be it stripes, checks, or floral patterns. Choose a fitted dress or a loose-fit one – the choice is yours. If the straps are something you find too exposing, pair your dress with a loose-fit cotton shirt on top and tie it loosely on your waist. A mini dress can be paired with any kind of shoes, and you are ready to go about your day.

  • Summer Coordinates

Need to hit a meeting but don’t want to get into your tight trousers and blazers? Well, this option is the best bet for you! Summer coordinates!

If you’re into tailored clothing, you can get these coordinates made in the same fabric. Choose an airy and breathable fabric like linen, cotton, or cotton blend and get culottes or loose pants made out of the fabric along with a cropped top. Keep the top fitted or loose – as it suits you! And you’re ready to lead the meeting like a boss!

The best thing about coordinates is that you can dress them up or dress them down, as per your requirements and occasions.

  • Printed Culottes

Loose-fit bottoms like culottes are the airiest thing you can own in your wardrobe. The best thing about these pants is that they are available in many interesting patterns and prints to be worn during the summer.

Pick your favorite printed culottes and pair them with either a tank top, a cropped t-shirt, or a shirt, and you have got one of the best summer outfits! The loose fit keeps your legs airy and breathable.

So, this was all about our list of the 8 cool and breathy summer outfits. We hope you found the perfect fit as per your style. The best thing about all these outfits is that you might have most of these clothing items in your closet already!

Try them on and let us know how you styled them! We would also love to hear more suggestions from your end. Enjoy dolling up and enjoy the summer!


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