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Beautiful Kurti Designs for Summer!

Believe it or not, the real vibe of wearing a kurti, kurta, or suit can only be enjoyed during the summer season. In winters you have to layer it up with a jacket, a coat, or a sweater and it kills the vibe of your Kurti’s design. But in summer, you can experiment with a lot of designs and styles of kurtis and suits.

Beautiful Kurti Designs for Summer!
Kurti Designs

On the same note, we have brought you the most beautiful kurti designs that you must try this summer season! So, let’s get straight into these designs:

  • Kimono Style Kurti
kurti designs

The fusion of ethnic styles is always a stand-out! When the japanese Kimono meets the Indian or Pakistani kurti designs, it turns out to be a very chic and stylish piece. So, try a kurti with a loose fit and kimono sleeves. If you can find a readymade one – well and good, but if you are unable to find such a kurti, it is best to look for a ethnic print fabric and get one made on order. You tell your tailor exactly what you’re looking for and you have a brand new kurti designs for your summer wardrobe.

Beautiful Kurti Designs for Summer!

Statement sleeves have been very much in vogue for years now. Be it puff sleeves, bulky sleeves, bishop sleeves, umbrella sleeves, or any other designer sleeves, they look super-stylish!

So, try looking for kurtis with such sleeves to make your basic ethnic outfit look fashionable and trendy. Again, if you cannot find anything in stores, go for a tailor-made one and you’re ready to rock the summer with stylish sleeves!

Even if you love deep or plunging necklines, the zero neckline is very much in vogue – thanks to big designer houses like Sabyasachi! Not only in kurtis, these necklines are trending in all kinds of ethnic outfits like lehengas, saree blouses, suits, and whatnot.

So, try getting a zero neckline with a slit opening or a keyhole opening. You can also keep the opening at the back. It looks very stylish and you can updo your hair for a very elegant look!

  • Angrakha Design (Img: Pinterest)
Beautiful Kurti Designs for Summer!

It is not a new design! In fact, it is a pretty old design idea dating back to the Mughal Era. However, it never gets out of style and can be adopted in a number of patterns and styles.

So, look for an angrakha style with some stylish tie-ups. You can also add some funky tassels to it, matching with the color of your fabric or contrasting with it. In a fun summer fabric or even in a formal one, angrakha style of a kurti is a show-stealer! Pair it with some junk jewelry and you’re good to go!

Beautiful Kurti Designs for Summer!

The yoke of your kurti makes a big difference. You can experiment a lot with the yoke design like add button details to it, have an embroidered yoke, yoke made out of a different contrasting fabric, etc.

There are many ways to play with the yoke design and it will help you stand out! You can also have a fit and flare kurti with an embellished yoke design if you want it for a party! Pair it with some dhoti pants and you’re ready to rock the party! If you don’t get a desirable design, get it made from your tailor.

So, this was all about the kurti designs you can try this summer season!

Well, there are lots and lots of other designs you can try yet we tried to cover the trending ones. If you have more ideas, let us know in the comments below!

We will be back with more fashion updates soon! Till then, enjoy your summer in style!


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