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Monsoon: What to Wear and What not To Wear!

While monsoon is the middle of the summer season, your summer clothes might not be entirely suitable for the monsoon weather. So, there comes a dilemma in our lives during this season about what to wear and what not to wear during monsoon.

If you’ve been facing the same issue, we are here with solutions! Through our research and experience, we have enlisted the dos and don’ts of monsoon fashion. So, let us have a look at these lists and get some insight:

What to Wear In Monsoon

  • Fabric: Always go for breathable fabrics
Monsoon Fashion

When you dress up in the monsoon season, always pick the breathable fabrics like cotton, denims, linen, etc. These fabrics are the best bet during monsoon because the weather is usually very hot and humid. To avoid being sweaty all day and get your skin rashed or chaffed due to the wrong fabric, choosing breathable ones is a smart solution.

  • Color: Choose Vibrant Colors
Monsoon: What to Wear and What not To Wear!

While dressing for comfort during the monsoon, don’t forget to style up. Vibrant colors will help you breathe some life in your grey and dull monsoon days. These colors also help you stand out in the dark weather and you feel more confident and happy in such colors.

If very bright colors are not your thing, you can tone them down by pairing them with black. Imagine a bright floral top with black denims. Besides, when it’s raining outside, nothing can go wrong when you have black denims on.

  • Footwear: Take your Flip Flops and Crocs Out!
Monsoon: What to Wear and What not To Wear!

Well, we know that you wouldn’t want your white sneakers or expensive heels to get spoiled because of the water and mud. So, give your sneakers, heels, and juttis some rest and bring out your flip flops and crocs. By this, we mean you should only wear plastic-based and waterproof sandals and slippers during the monsoon season (for obvious reasons). If you have gum boots, they will be the best bet for this season.

These shoes help your feet breathe and stay dry throughout the day even if you step in puddles of water. They are easy to dry and remove.

What Not To Wear in Monsoon

  1. Fabric: Avoid Leather, Georgette, Chiffon, and Suede
Monsoon: What to Wear and What not To Wear!

Fabrics that are not breathable and tough to dry should be tucked away in your trunks for a while. These fabrics are neither skin-friendly nor easy to maintain during the monsoon season. Fabrics like leather and suede are a big no-no during rainy days.

Also, avoid fabrics like georgette and chiffon because such fabrics usually get spoilt due to the rain. These fabrics are also very see-through so they are not the right choice to wear on a rainy day. Choose the fabrics that can easily dry if your chances of getting wet are considerate.

  • Color: Avoid Whites and Lights
Monsoon: What to Wear and What not To Wear!

Wearing light colors during the monsoon can come with a price. If you get drenched, your whites can be spoiled. Plus, the muddy puddles and splashing mud water might ruin your day. So, to stay on the safer side, avoid wearing the light colors.

Also, keep in mind to stash away all your whites during the monsoon season. White is not the color of this season and I guess we are all aware of the same. It is very transparent when wet, very prone to stains, and a little tough to maintain during this season.

  • Footwear: Avoid leather shoes
Monsoon: What to Wear and What not To Wear!

It is a no-brainer! We do not wear leather shoes or boots when it rains outside. So, never bring out your leather shoes, sandals, or slippers in the monsoon. Also, keep your suede shoes, and fur boots far away in your shoe rack as they have nothing to do with the rainy season.

The best is to wear open shoes, sandals, and boots made of plastic and similar material (like we discussed above).

So, these were the dos and don’ts of monsoon fashion and comfort.

We hope you’ve got the idea of which wardrobe items to rely on and which ones to stash away during this season. No matter what you choose to wear – don’t forget to keep it stylish! Because your style is who you are and you should keep shining on!


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