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Pedicure At Home: 5 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Feet

pedicure at home
Pedicure at home Tips

We take care of our body inside out! From what we eat to what we apply on our skin, everything is chosen very carefully. But in most cases, we forget one of the most important parts of our body – our feet!

Well, just like the other parts of our body, feet also need the TLC (tender loving care) at times. Moisturizing them on a regular basis and giving your heels a good scrub every once in a while helps your feet look clean and healthy. Also, to help your feet look clean, healthy, and gorgeous, it is important to give them a pedicure now and then. 

Now, we are not asking you to book an appointment in the salon right away. Hold your horses while we explain some easy steps of pedicure at home ! So, let’s get into it:

  • Trim, Clean, and Shape Your Nails

The toenails are often ignored as we let them grow because we usually feel lazy to give them a trim. However, to begin with your pedicure, start by removing the nail paint, if you have any on your toes. Then start clipping and trimming the toenails. Once you’ve trimmed them, give them the shape you want. Keep them round or square, it is up to you!

While you’re trimming your nails, also take the right tool and clean them. Toenails are usually prone to dirt and sweat, and so they get dirty, especially around the corners.

  • Give A Nice Bath to Your Feet

Fill a small tub with warm water to a level that you can easily soak your feet till your ankles. Add some soap or a mild shampoo, and bath salts. For better cleansing, add a few drops of lemon juice and for an aromatic experience, you can even add a few drops of essential oils. Dip your feet in the water for about 20 minutes! With your feet dipped in warm water you will feel relaxed as it helps you get rid of tiredness and stress. This is an essential and relaxing step of Pedicure at home.

Pedicure At Home: 5 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Feet
Pedicure at home
  • Exfoliate

After you are done giving your feet a nice warm bath, it is time to exfoliate them. You can use a jute-based loofah or a foot scrubber to exfoliate your feet while they are still dipped in water. As the soap helps you clean your feet, the scrubbing will get rid of all the dead skin and dirt deposited on your feet and toes. Don’t forget to exfoliate your toes as it will help you get rid of the dead skin or cuticles at the roots of your toenails.

  • Wash, Clean, and Moisturize

Once all the scrubbing and cleaning is done, it is time to wash your feet with clean water. Now, clean and wipe your feet dry before applying your favorite moisturizer on them.

It is advised to use a moisturizing foot cream on your feet regularly to keep your feet and heels hydrated and avoid cracking of the skin. Don’t forget to moisturize the gaps between your toes and that is what most people ignore often.

  • Time to Paint The Toenails

It is time to take out your favorite nail paints and toe separator because now you can paint your toenails and decorate them just the way you want!

You can either go for a single-colored nail paint or try your desired nail art. There are plenty of options out there to play with colors, designs, and color-blocking techniques on your toes.

Once you are done with all these steps, your feet are ready to slay! Wear your summer flats, strappy sandals, or flip flops with confidence and let your gorgeous feet get all the attention!

I hope you will love these Pedicure at home tips. For Manicure Tips, click here


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